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South Stage Tech

No experience required! Everyone is welcome!

There is a way for everyone to get involved regardless of ability or availability!

We have lots of easy, stress-free activities.  Come when you want; stay as long as you want!  Flexible and fun!  Make connections with other students.  

​Students interested in tech, stage crew, and costumes are welcome to drop in to the
​Lab Theatre, Rm. 9135, during L
ion Block or after school to  m
eet one of these friendly folks:

Chicago Tech_edited_edited.jpg

Stage Crew, aka Tech!


Stage Crew

  • Using power tools to build set pieces out of a variety of materials

  • Painting scenery

  • Designing, building, and collecting props.

  • Designing and hanging lights.

  • Designing and creating sound for productions.


Costume Crew

  • Costume crew members assist the Costume Designers and Costume Supervisor in the acquisition and construction of costumes for production.

  • Develop hand and sewing machine skill

  • May help with costume crafts, dyeing, and distressing depending on shows needs ​​

  • Design and assist with wigs, hair, and makeup.

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