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The Newton South High School Theater Company
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Auditions for the Fall Plays!
Week of June 12!
or the True Tale of Robin Hood

by Adam Szymkowicz
Directed by Paige Perkinson

Stage Combat by JT Turner


Audition Details, Audition Form, Sign Ups!

Info Video

The 36th Newton North/South Shakespeare Production
Romeo and Juliet

Directed by Michael Barrington-Haber
Production Details, Audition Form, Sign Ups, & More!

A couple of notes about our 37-year Shakespeare collaboration with NNHS Theatre Ink:

  • The goals of the joint production are for our students to meet others from across town who share interests, experience and learn from another school theatre culture, and develop an appreciation for Shakespeare performance techniques.

  • Rehearsal locations will alternate weekly (roughly) between Newton North and Newton South.  Because we need to schedule travel time between schools, regular rehearsals go until 7 PM.

  • Carpools will be organized to get there after school.  Pick-up carpools are less common.  

  • Traditionally, half the cast is from each school, with an attempt to balance the leads if possible so both schools feel represented.

Email Mr. K if you have any questions!

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