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The Newton South High School Theater Company
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Congrats to the Company of

Something Rotten! 

Best Costumes WINNER!
(Raina Bornstein, Designer)
Best Supporting Actor, Male Presenting WINNER!
Bryan Baumer, "Shakespeare"

Four Nominations from the
Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild Musical Theatre Awards

Best Lighting Nomination
(Leah Vashevko, Designer)
Best Student Orchestra Nomination
(Ben Youngman, Conductor)

Final Performances 2024

Children of the
Candy Corn


Newton Public Schools
has not purchased
any lighting instruments for the
NSHS Auditorium since 1997!

You can make a difference for our South Stage family by helping purchase new lights for the stage.


South Stage Supporters has been the sole provider of lighting upgrades for the past 25 years.   


The stage was expanded in 2004, but no additional lights were installed for the new downstage area. This created steeply angled beams and dark areas.


South Stage Supporters are raising funds to add 10 additional LED lights that would cover all downstage areas. 


Let’s shine a light on all our talented kids!

Donate via PayPal below,

or contact South Stage Supporters! 


We want a "Standing O"
on our shows!

In order to get a Gender Parity  "Standing O" designation, a production must meet three of five criteria:

For Silent, But Deadly:

  • YES! Have a woman director


  • NO Have a woman playwright


  • YES! Employ at least a 50 percent woman cast


  • YES! Employ at least 50 percent woman design team.

  • Sort of! (Ensemble) Tell a woman-centered story.

​Read more about the Boston Stage Source "Standing O" designation here.

South Stage Costume Crew.jpg

South Stage is fortunate to have a full-time Tech Director and part-time Costumer, so many opportunities exist for newbies to learn and grow while making connections.  


​Students interested in tech, stage crew, and costumes are welcome to drop in to the​ Lab Theatre Rm. 9135 during Lion Block or after school.


More info here!

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