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Completely Normal: The Frosh Play

Congrats, Frosh actors!

We had a great week of games and read-thrus!  I was so impressed with you all!

The cast list and schedule are here.  The scripts are here.  Rehearsal starts on Monday!

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We want a "Standing O" on every show!

In order to get a Gender Parity  "Standing O" designation, a production must meet three of five criteria:

For Marian:

  • YES! Have a woman director


  • No. Have a woman playwright


  • YES! Employ at least a 50 percent woman cast


  • YES! Employ at least 50 percent woman design team.

  • YES! Tell a woman-centered story.

​Read more about the Boston Stage Source "Standing O" designation here.

South Stage is fortunate to have a full-time Tech Director and part-time Costumer, so many opportunities exist for newbies to learn and grow while making connections.  


​Students interested in tech, stage crew, and costumes are welcome to drop in to the​ Lab Theatre Rm. 9135 during Lion Block or after school.


More info here!

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